TCC 2021

November 8-11 2021

Raleigh, United States

We're excited to see you in Raleigh!

Special Workshop for In-Person Attendees

Please note that this workshop is only available to in-person attendees. It will not be livestreamed and remote speakers/attendees will not be able to participate.

We are holding a special in-person workshop alongside the TCC 2021 conference. The goal is to give people the chance to listen to and give in-person talks that match traditional conference-length talks and atmosphere. We hope to create and exciting event for those who miss or new students who have not yet experienced such an event.

Important Dates

Oct 6 2021

Program chairs may begin assigning talks

Oct 13 2021

Deadline for submitting a talk

Nov 8 2021

Workshop begins

We will host multiple in person sessions for papers that have appeared at TCC, Eurocrypt, Crypto, STOC or FOCS 2021. Presenters for works outside this category (e.g. upcoming work) are also welcome to submit and we will accommodate if we have room. We will have a limited number of slots and cannot guarantee that all submissions will be given a talk slot.

Presentation requests will be accepted on a rolling basis through a HotCRP submission server. However, we may begin assigning talks as early as October 6th. The submission server will be closed on October 13, as indicated above. Thus if you are interested it is important to submit your request as early as possible to get full consideration.

If you are attending TCC 2021 in person (i.e. coming to Raleigh) and you would be interested in giving a presentation at this special workshop, please submit using the link below.

Submit a paper to the special workshop

Talk requests can be made without uploading slides. Later when in person workshop program is selected we will ask the speakers to upload their slides.

a triptych. from left to right, green shelf-like mushrooms growing on a tree branch; a closeup of green moss on a tree trunk with a blurred emerald green background; and autumn leaves speckled with orange over a lighter lime green and a dark background