TCC 2023

November 29 - December 2, 2023

Taipei, Taiwan

Stipends & Waivers

As of September 21st, we have allocated most of our available stipends for now.

For each accepted paper, one student author who is presenting the paper will be entitled to a waiver of their registration fee. Please write to the General Chairs specifying your paper and your name, prior to October 1st, with "TCC 2023 Student Speaker Waiver" in the subject to claim your waiver. Note: if you are also applying for a stipend, that request must still be in by the September 15th deadline (see below).

The early deadline for student and early-career researcher stipend applications is September 15. Students and scholars of traditionally disadvantaged groups are especially encouraged to apply. Please write to the General Chairs with the subject "TCC 2023 Stipend", giving your name and circumstances.

"Also, please indicate whether you would accept free lodgings (shared or alone) as part of your stipend. If you do, please indicate your preferences on our Housing Application form.

You will be evaluated individually according to circumstances, with some possible criteria (non-exhaustive) being: how far and costly your trip will likely be, how disadvantaged your group might otherwise be, how pressured your research group is in terms of travel funding, etc. Your academic advisor must write in support (one email can pertain to multiple students) by September 18th for you to receive our full stipend consideration.

Additional Stipends

We will give out some extra stipends for students, plus early-career researchers under severe financial pressure. The amount of stipends we would be able to give out depends on our sponsorship situation plus the IACR's approval of a final budget and is unknown at this time (August 11th).

Some stipends might be a simple cash amount handed out, and some might be in the form of partial reimbursements for airline tickets. Such a stipend recipient must furnish an e-ticket receipt to us ahead of time, retain boarding passes, and sign for your stipend after having your passport entry pages scanned.

A Note on Housing Stipends

For many applicants, part of the stipend will be free housing at the Academia Sinica Scholastic Activities Center (a 3 minute walk from the conference venue). Those who attended Asiacrypt 2022 and received a nice single room as part of their stipend will have to temper their expectations; after the pandemic was declared to have ended, hotel prices skyrocketed and we were unable to get as good a deal on rooms as we did for Asiacrypt 2022.

To make maximum use of our limited resources, those who are willing to accept double occupancy will be given first consideration when we hand out stipends. You may specify a roommate of your choice, or we will assign you one of the same gender. Handing out single-occupancy rooms as p art of stipends would likely only take place if and when we receive sufficient sponsorship, which may not happen. We do our best to match people from the same country and other preferences you may indicate.

Late Applications

We will process late applications for housing and stipends as we receive them and in the order received. More sponsorship might come in or there might be some people cancelling, which may release additional funds or rooms. We make no guarantees.